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How Renting Touch Screens Can Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

If you’re an event organizer, we bet you’re always thinking of taking your events to the next level, and what better way to do it than technology? Technology has changed almost every industry, and it’s the same with event management. Technology is making events more engaging and more intuitive. So, what type of technology can […]

Stage Rentals 101: Key Considerations for Your Next Event

If you’re planning an event, you know that your stage is the most important part of it. It is the centerpiece of your entire event, the place where everybody will focus on, the place where everyone will look for clues about what’s happening. So, how can you ensure that your stage is decked to the […]

5 Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Stage for Your Next Event

When you plan an outdoor event like a concert, an expo, a book fair, or anything else, you know that you’ll have to take care of a lot of issues. One of those issues is the stage. It’s a heavy thing that you can’t just pick up and drop anywhere you want; you have to […]

Benefits of Renting Microphones for Short-Term Needs

Microphones are a crucial component of every set of audio equipment, as they improve the quality of the recorded audio significantly. They are necessary for everything from small podcast recordings to big shows held outside. Even though the demand for high-end sound quality is growing, not all audio fans or event organizers can afford to […]

How to Choose the Perfect Projector Rental for Your Event

In the modern digital age, the purpose of visual presentations has expanded beyond the simple act of displaying information to include the creation of experiences. The appropriate projector rental can make all the difference in the world when you’re trying to pull off something as diverse as a business lecture or an art show. In […]

Choosing AV Equipment Rental Over Buying – The Smart Choice

As technology changes constantly, keeping up with the latest audio and video equipment might be hard and expensive. Audiovisual (AV) equipment rentals are an excellent way for both people and businesses to deal with this issue. Media Support Services in Baltimore is a reputable company that rents out audiovisual equipment. Renting makes sense when you […]