5 Benefits of Choosing a Mobile Stage for Your Next Event

When you plan an outdoor event like a concert, an expo, a book fair, or anything else, you know that you’ll have to take care of a lot of issues. One of those issues is the stage. It’s a heavy thing that you can’t just pick up and drop anywhere you want; you have to know the size and cost and worry about damage control and installation, just to name a few things.

Thanks to the evolution in technology, we now have different options that can help you with your staging problems. One of those options is a mobile stage comprised of small decks that a single person can carry and install anywhere you want. You can easily find Washington mobile stage rentals services you can use instead of a Bil-jax deck stage or a traditional rise and ensure your event is successful and seamless.

Here are five reasons why you should use a mobile stage for your next event:

1. Safety and Security

When you’re having an event that involves a host of performers, attendees, staff, and more, the very first thing you need to think about is their safety. They all have trusted you with their safety, and you need to show them you’re taking it seriously. A mobile stage from a mobile stage rentals Washington dc company can help you with that more than you know.


A mobile stage can withstand winds up to 110mph, which is good for you, as outdoor events usually have a lot of wind. These stages can even withstand hurricanes. You don’t even need ground anchors or ballasts to achieve this remarkable feat.

What else do stages have? They have a lot of production lighting and sound equipment that’s normally fixed to the roof. Mobile stages have roofs that are engineered for exactly this purpose and can take the weight.

2. Setup Time

When you’re organizing an event, you have a million things to take care of, and the sooner you can set up your stage, the sooner you can focus on other things. That’s where a mobile stage comes in handy. You could be organizing a concert, a street festival, or anything else, and you can rapidly set the stage and clear it up after you’re done. If you’re using a regular stage, it’ll take hours or even days to install and take out. But when you contact a Washington mobile stage rentals services, they can have it done in less than an hour, which means that you not only save time but also the cost of labor.

And if something unfortunate happens and you have to change the location of your event, you can do that easily, unlike a regular stage.

3. Promote with Style

Mobile stages are designed so you can easily hang all your promotional banners on them without the fear of having it all come down at the last minute. In any event, promotion is key. You want to make sure you have your products or services front and center so everybody can view them. What is the one place everyone will be looking at during the event? The stage, of course. And when you have a mobile stage, you can deck it out any way you like.

4. Stage Size Does Matter

Okay, so when you’re using a regular stage, you need to think about their size and the extra space you’re going to need for anchoring or outrigger legs. But when you choose a mobile stage, you don’t need to worry about any extra space on the sides. This way, if the audience wants to get right up there, close to the DJ, they can easily do that without any obstruction.

Another thing you can do with a mobile stage is to use the extra space you’ve saved and put in food vendors, tour buses, vendors, or even stalls with your products displayed proudly. Doing a street festival on a city street? A mobile stage is all you need to conduct the event like you want to without using up too much space.

5. All You Need

Here’s what you get when you contact a Washington mobile stage rentals services provider for a mobile stage.

  • Secure elevated platform
  • A roof covering
  • Optional Rainproof windfalls
  • Strong enough to hang sound and lighting equipment
  • No extra area covered
  • Avoid the cost of boom lift

So, if you’re arranging an outdoor performance, a mobile stage is exactly what you need to have a successful event without the related worries and mishaps.

Media Support Services Inc: The Only Mobile Stage Rentals Services You Need

With all the benefits of using a mobile stage, we bet you’re thinking of renting one right about now. It’s a good decision. Just make sure that you rent it from a reputable mobile stage rentals services company in Washington so you know what you’re getting. When you work with Media Support Services Inc. you get an experienced staff, the best equipment, and commitment you can rely on.