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When providing clear, powerful, and immersive audio experiences, ideal speakers make all the difference. For events of all sizes, we specialize in offering high quality PA speaker rental services. Our wide range of top-notch speakers will ensure your message is heard clearly, whether you’re having a conference, a live performance, meeting, public or a private event. Find out why event planners choose to rent speakers from us when hosting events in Baltimore!


Why Trust Media Support Services for your Speaker Rentals in Baltimore?

  • Wide Speaker Selection: We have the ideal speakers to fit your audio demands, from small, portable speakers for smaller events to big, line array systems for conventions, conference and festivals. We provide top brands renowned for having great sound quality and dependability.
  • Expert Guidance: Choosing the appropriate speakers for your event can be difficult. Our experienced staff is available to assist you!
  • Excellent Sound Quality: Your audience will enjoy an immersive audio experience thanks to the rich, balanced sound that our top-of-the-line speakers create across all low and high frequencies.
  • Flexible Rental Alternatives: We provide flexible rental alternatives to suit events of any length. We can provide speakers for you whether you need them for a few hours, a day, or a week.
  • Reliable Setup and Delivery: Our committed team ensures you have a great experience. We will deliver it to your venue on time. 
  • Expert Team: Our skilled and qualified AV technicians are committed to providing smoothly run audiovisual event experiences.
  • Tailored Solutions for Every Occasion: Our staff will collaborate closely with you to develop a solution that exceeds your expectations, whether you require a modest audio and video setup for a small meeting or a full-scale AV setup for a big conference.
  • Competitive Pricing and Flexible Rental Options: We think everyone should have access to high-quality AV equipment; therefore, we provide competitive pricing and flexible rental options.
  • Timely Setup and Delivery: We know the value of being on time for events. Our staff is dedicated to swiftly delivering and expertly setting up your AV equipment.
  • Expert On-site AV Technical Support: We’ll supply all the AV rental equipment and remain on-site to handle the run of show AV requirements. This valuable service allows our clients to focus on the event itself and their attendees without having to be concerned with monitoring the AV also.
  • Reliable Client AV Support: We are committed to providing ongoing client satisfaction even after the AV equipment has been delivered and setup. We offer dependable customer service for the duration of your rental. Our helpful staff is available by phone and ready to offer prompt support if you have any queries or need any technical help.

Our PA Speaker System Equipment Includes

Main Speakers:

  • Powerful and reliable main speakers for projecting sound to the audience.
  • Various sizes and configurations are available to suit different venue sizes and event types.
  • Exceptional clarity and wide frequency response for a balanced sound experience.


  • Enhance the low-frequency range, adding depth and impact to the sound.
  • Deliver powerful bass for music performances, DJ setups, and events where deep, rich audio is crucial.
  • Available in different sizes and configurations to suit your specific needs.

Monitor Speakers:

  • Compact and portable speakers are placed on stage to provide performers with clear sound monitoring.
  • Designed to prevent feedback and ensure performers can hear themselves and the accompanying music accurately.
  • Adjustable angles and rugged construction for optimal performance on stage.

Power Amplifiers:

  • Essential for powering and driving the speakers.
  • Deliver clean and consistent power to ensure the speakers perform at their best.
  • Multiple channels are available to accommodate different speaker setups and configurations.

Mixing Consoles:

  • Control and adjust the sound levels and EQ settings for each channel.
  • Blend multiple audio sources, such as microphones, instruments, and playback devices, into a cohesive mix.
  • Various inputs and outputs connect all your audio equipment seamlessly.


  • Dynamic and condenser microphones for capturing vocals and instruments with clarity and accuracy.
  • Wireless microphone systems for freedom of movement during performances or presentations.
  • Microphone stands, clips, and accessories to ensure proper positioning and stability.
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Cables and Connectors:

  • High-quality audio cables and connectors for seamless signal transmission.
  • XLR, quarter-inch, and RCA cables for connecting speakers, amplifiers, mixers, and other audio devices.
  • Cable management solutions to keep your setup organized and prevent tripping hazards.


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