AV Equipment Rental Pricing – What to Expect

What do video and audio equipment rentals cost in the Baltimore area? Pricing depends on the quality of equipment plus many other factors, including details of your event.

Whether you’re planning a virtual event, in-person event, or want to add virtual components to a live event, the professionals at Media Support Services are ready to help you with all aspects of equipment selection, preparation, setup, and break down.


Our Commitment to You

At Media Support Services, customer satisfaction is just as important as the bottom line. We’re committed to providing the best prices for all of our customers. Whether you’re a first-time customer requesting audio equipment rental or one of our regulars with a consistent need for quality video equipment rental, you know you’re getting fair prices with every rental. We have helped many of our customers save on AV equipment rental prices that were offered by their event venues.

We strive to keep our pricing transparent. If you have questions about what it may cost to rent a specific type of AV equipment, contact us. We’re always happy to discuss equipment options and pricing over the phone or through an in-person meeting in the Baltimore, Northern Virginia, and Washington DC areas.

What Determines the Price of Your Video and Audio Equipment Rental?

If you compare our pricing to other local audio and video equipment rental providers, you may find that some of our competitors offer lower prices. What you should question is the quality of the equipment offered. Have they invested in the latest technology, or are they still offering only classic AV equipment?

We’re proud of our investment in state-of-the-art equipment. Whether you want to set up an outdoor movie event or have a corporate-level virtual conference to design, our equipment will help you bring your vision of the event to life.

Other factors that can determine the cost of your video or audio equipment rental includes:

Media Support Services gives you the option to rent live technical support in addition to the basic equipment. That means equipment experts will set your equipment up and help troubleshoot throughout your event if needed. The level of support you need will influence your overall AV equipment rental price.


State-of-the-Art Video Equipment Rentals at Competitive Prices

Once we determine exactly what you need along with basic information like the date, location, and size of your event, we can determine the full cost of your equipment rental. Keep in mind that we offer technical assistance to ensure your event runs smoothly from the technical side, and that does add to the total cost of renting AV equipment. We always provide honest quotes without surprise or hidden fees, and we do everything possible to keep our prices affordable.

Contact us today to start pricing your equipment rental needs. We look forward to showing you that state-of-the-art AV equipment is accessible to all.

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